NCC Jhalar Patta | Kamarband



NCC Jhalar Patta | Kamarband

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  • Jahlar – 01
  •  Patta –  01


  • Distinctive Elegance: Raise your NCC uniform with the particularly crafted NCC Jhalar Patta (Kamarband) this accessories exude an aura of distinctive elegance, setting you apart as a beacon of honor and dedication.
  • Symbol of Tradition: The NCC Jhalar Patta (Kamarband) pay homage to tradition and heritage. Adorned with intricate detailing, they encapsulate the core values and principles that the National Cadet Corps stands for.
  • Impeccable Craftsmanship: Each piece is a masterpiece of impeccable craftsmanship, reflecting the dedication and precision of the cadets who proudly wear them. The intricate designs showcase your commitment to excellence.
  • Perfect Fit and Comfort: Designed for comfort and fit, the NCC Kamarband secures your uniform flawlessly while allowing you to move with ease. The NCC Jhalar Patta adds a touch of grace to your attire, enhancing your overall appearance.
  • Symbol of Leadership: The NCC Jhalar Patta/Kamarband are not mere accessories; they symbolize your leadership and commitment to service. Wear them with pride as you exemplify the ideals of discipline, unity, and integrity.
  • Versatile Appeal: Whether for parades, formal events, or ceremonial occasions, these accessories add a touch of finesse to your NCC uniform, ensuring you look distinguished and refined at all times.
  • Legacy and Pride: As you wear the NCC Jhalar Patta (Kamarband), you carry forward a legacy of honor and pride. These symbols become a part of your identity, embodying the values you uphold as a dedicated member of the National Cadet Corps.


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